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FAQ - Remote Locations

Q: What about riding to remote locations?
There are many remote locations in Alaska and the Yukon that we love to recommend.
And there are a few that we prefer you avoid.
Q: What about the Dalton Highway?
We allow our rental motorcycles to travel as far as the Arctic Circle Sign. We do understand the desire to travel to the end of the road however road conditions are extremely hard and brutal on our motorcycles. We do not permit our rental fleet to travel to Prudhoe Bay. If Prudhoe Bay is in your plans, we would be happy to recommend one of the other rental companies in Anchorage. 
You might be thinking ... how would they know if I drove the motorcycle to the end of the road and back? It would be extremely difficult to hide that much wear and tear, missing tire tread, residual calcium chloride and dust. 
Q: What is calcium chloride?  Why should I care?

Calcium chloride is applied to gravel and dirt roads by the Alaska Department of Transportation. It reduces dust on a dry haul road significantly. This is great but when it rains the road surface becomes extremely slippery for motorcyclists and light vehicles (pick-up trucks, cars, etc.). Calcium chloride is also very corrosive to leather boots, riding gear and motorcycles. If you find water (hose, stream, water bottle, etc.) spray off the bike to keep brakes, radiator and engine clean and cool. While you are at it spray yourself off as well. Damage caused by calcium chloride is not considered ‘normal’ wear and tear and as such you will be responsible to pay for required repairs and parts replacement. 

Two key points to remember: Slow Down and clean the motorcycle (and yourself) off every chance you get!

Q: I love that Butler Map of Alaska, which roads are NOT approved for my rented motorcycle?
We love those Butler Maps too! The Alaska version has several highlighted roads that are not really roads. We do not want our rental motorcycles on/in the following areas:
  • Nabesna Road 
  • Anything off of the Denali Highway
  • Lowell Point out of Seward
  • Nothing beyond the Kennicott Visitor's Center
Q: A rock hit and broke my headlight, am I responsible for this damage?
Yes. Rock damage is not considered ‘normal’ wear and tear. Just like a rental car, a broken windshield or head light is the renter’s responsibility. Don’t follow your buddy or other vehicles too closely.
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