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Alaska Motorcycle Adventures  ---  What's our story?

“Do one thing and do it well.” This has been Alaska Motorcycle Adventures driving vision from its inception and continues to be so to this day.  

We are proud to be an Alaskan family-owned and operated business specializing in motorcycle travel throughout the majestic State of Alaska and Yukon Territory. Our focus is to provide exceptional customer service and to offer the most reliable and professionally maintained fleet of rental motorcycles anywhere in the state.

The (garage) door to Alaska Motorcycle Adventures opened in the summer of 1994 and became the pioneering motorcycle rental company in the State of Alaska. It all started with just two dual-sport motorcycles for rent and yes, it was pretty simple. From these humble beginnings, and with each passing year, the fleet and level of service continued to grow. 

Since 1994, Alaska Motorcycle Adventures has rented proven, high quality BMW, Triumph, Kawasaki and Honda motorcycles to thousands of riding enthusiasts. We have also provided rental motorcycles for many tour operators including 30 MPS Adventures, Ericsson's Motorcycle Tours, RM-Reiseteam, Motorrad Tours, Ayres Adventures, Aerostich Tours, Four-Seasons Adventures, Edelweiss Bike Travel, and MotoQuest (Alaska Rider Tours).


From 1994 to 2018 the founders of Alaska Motorcycle Adventures, Keith & Nancy Hull did it all. They rented, cleaned and maintained motorcycles, developed trip itineraries and answered many questions all the while developing strong friendships with their many new and repeat clients. By the end of 2018 they had decided it was time for change so that they could do more summertime exploring and travel. The time had come for them to do the very thing that they had helped countless others do for years.

About Us ...

​In 2019 Alaska Motorcycle Adventures was purchased by Marcus & Michelle Munro, Jade Laughlin, and Kelly Heck. The two couples met when Michelle bought her first adventure motorcycle from Kelly in 2015 and the friendship took off from there. Both couples are passionate about their love for adventure motorcycles, exploring the great State of Alaska and Yukon Territory and sharing our passion for both with others.

Two things are for sure, you will have an adventure riding motorcycles in Alaska and we will continue with the legacy Keith and Nancy started. We are an Alaskan based, family run motorcycle rental business that will help you plan your trip and realize your dreams. We will continue to do business with a unique Alaskan charm that our clients have come to expect. Michelle will be your main point of contact when you email or call but feel free to reach out to any one of us for advice or pointers on how to enjoy our great State of Alaska while riding one of our adventure motorcycles.

Marcus & Michelle

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