FAQ - Off Road Riding

Q: Can I ride your rental motorcycles off road?

Absolutely not.

Q: What is considered "off road"?

Off road is any riding surface not maintained by Alaska Department of Transportation (DOT). All roads and riding surfaces must be regulary graded by a big yellow DOT road grader.

Travel on all other surfaces is strictly excluded as designated in our rental contract.  


Off-road includes mining roads, logging roads, ATV trails, hunting trails, hiking trails, water crossings, beaches, swamps, etc. If you have questions about specific routes or roads, please ask. Not all suggested rides on the Alaska Butler map, adventure books and blogs are approved for our motorcycles. PLEASE ASK.  Most riders agree our approved routes are challenging enough and indeed remote.

Q: What is the harm in a little off road riding?

Dented rims, flat tires, brush scratches, etc.

Q: Besides off road, what else is off limits?

Dempster Highway (all of it) / Inuvik / Canol Road / Yellowknife

Ask your question ....