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FAQ - Insurance

Q: What about insurance?

State of Alaska and our Insurance Underwriter require each rider to be insured on our motorcycles. This is accomplished by purchasing an addendum to our policy. All rentals are charged a mandatory $15 per day Basic Liability Insurance. 

You are responsible for ALL damage to the motorcycle up to $4000.00 USD. This includes traffic accidents, dropping the bike, and rock damage. Failure to maintain motorcycle may result in charges beyond the $4000.00 deductible. Charges for these items will be collected when you return the motorcycle.

Your personal motorcycle insurance policy may cover rented motorcycles. Contact your insurance agent prior to rental if you would like exact rental coverage information. You may be able to recover all or part of that $4000.00 deductible from your own insurance company. 

Q: Does your insurance cover all circumstances, situations, and conditions?

No. If you have an accident for which you are cited for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) or cited for reckless driving and endangering others - our insurance company maintains the right to deny coverage. Additionally, if the motorcycle is damaged while riding on a non-DOT maintained road, trail riding, backcountry riding or off-road riding - you may be responsible for more than just the deductible. Drive responsibly and stay on the road.

Q: Can I reduce the deductible by paying an additional fee?

No. The $4000.00 deductible is the current standard for our Insurance Underwriter.

Please see link below for insurance coverage specifics.
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