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BMW's F750GS model boasts a de-tuned 850cc twin-cylinder engine and many of the features found on the F850GS. With a lower suspension, the F750GS is a great alternative to the F850GS. 
This bike has the lowest seat height in our fleet and is a great choice for riders with a shorter inseam.

The rims on the F750GS are cast aluminum, which are more prone to denting when hitting potholes or other obstructions but are plenty durable.
Your F750GS will be equipped with:

  • BMW's ABS Brake System

  • BMW Accessory Outlet

  • Heated Grips with Hand Guards

  • Hard-sided Panniers

BMW F750GS Specifications

Fuel Tank: 4 gallons / 15 Liters

Approximate Range: 200 mi / 322 km
Seat Height: 32.1 inches
Horse Power: 77
CC: 853cc

Curb Weight: 476 lbs.

Tires: 19"Front   17" Rear - Tubeless
Chain Drive

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