Remote locations

Motorcycles for Rent to ...
Prudhoe Bay / Deadhorse / Dalton Highway

** Surcharge: $650.00 for travel on the Dalton Highway beyond the Arctic Circle.
       ~~~ Coldfoot / Wiseman / Deadhorse / Prudhoe Bay.

** Minimum of 6 day rental for travel beyond the Arctic Circle in Alaska. 

** Absolutely no riding or travel with our rental motorcycles to:
       ~~~ the DEMPSTER Highway in Canada (Yukon or Inuvik, Northwest Territories)

       ~~~ Tuk or the new road to Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories
       ~~~ Canol Road in the Yukon or Northwest Territories

       ~~~ Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

We allow our dual sport bikes to travel as far as the Arctic Circle on the Dalton Highway at no extra charge. Travel to Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse is difficult and dangerous especially if you are ill equipped or the weather turns bad. We have seen the results of inexperience and poor decision making. 

The road conditions and weather can vary significantly from day to day. While one rider may find sunny skies, dry roads, dust and minimal road maintenance or construction, the next rider may encounter rain, snow, strong cross-winds, miles and miles of construction with the road beds graded after applying 1000's of gallons of water, recent application of calcium chloride, extreme truck traffic, and the list goes on.

Due to the "endless" daylight that Alaska and the Yukon are gifted with in the summer, some riders will attempt to make these trips in just a day or two. So ... you mix extremely poor road conditions with an extremely tired rider and you have conditions for the "perfect storm". 

We understand the desire to travel to the end of the road but the road conditions are extremely hard and brutal on our motorcycles. And sometimes extremely hard and brutal on the rider as well.

The surcharge is to cover the motorcycle preparation, extreme wear/tear and down-time. When we know this is your destination, we ensure the motorcycle is freshly serviced and has excellent tires. Upon return from a trip to these remote destinations, that motorcycle is out of servcie for a day or two while it is cleaned and serviced for the next renter/rider. 

The minimum 6 day rental period is an attempt to prevent riders from over-riding the conditions and also to slow down to enjoy a safe and successful ride to the end of the road and back.

You might be thinking ... how would they know I drove the motorcycle to the end of the road and back? It is very, very difficult to hide that much wear/tear, missing tire tread, calcium chloride and dust. Plus, you would be riding an unprepared motorcycle! Let us know for your safety!