FAQ - General

Q: Where do I pick up my motorcycle?

You will pick up the motorcycle at our motorcycle warehouse in Anchorage, just a few minutes from the Anchorage International Airport.


Q: What time can I pick up my motorcycle?

A rental day begins in the 9:00 AM and ends in the 6:00 PM. We are open 7 days a week, including holidays for the months of June, July and August.  In May and September, rentals are arranged to meet the schedule of the rider/renter.

Q: What time do I return my motorcycle?

A rental day ends at 6:00 PM.  Please plan for extended travel times and traffic delays on your last rental day.  During the months of June, July and August, motorcycles returned after 6:15pm will be charged a late fee.  In May and September, rentals are arranged to meet the schedule of the rider/renter.

Q: How do I know if the bike I want is available for the dates I want?

Call or email us for current availability. We will "hold" a motorcycle for a few days while you finalize your travel plans and make airline reservations.

Q: Can I ride anywhere?

Not quite! You may travel as far north as the Arctic Circle on our dual sport (GS) models. Travel beyond the Arctic Circle is restricted. If you want to travel beyond the Circle, there is a $500.00 USD surcharge. See Remote Destinations page for details.

Q: Do the bikes have saddle bags, windshields?

Yes. All bikes are equipped for touring with hard sided cases and windshields. Most have heated grips and hand guards.

Q: Are the bikes in good condition?

Yes, they are in excellent condition because they are maintained by certified mechanics.

Q: Does my motorcycle rental include unlimited mileage?

No. The daily rental rate includes 350 miles. Mileage over 350 miles per day is 25 cents
per mile. (Examples: 5 day rental includes 1750 miles; 10 day rental includes 3500 miles).

Q: Do you rent helmets?

We have a few helmets that we rent for $5.00 per day that are available on a first come basis. Your own helmet probably fits better and is therefore safer. Full coverage helmets are recommended. Helmet use is mandatory.

Q: Is it safe to ride alone in Alaska?

Yes. The paved roads are well maintained, well marked, and well traveled.  Alaskans are very friendly and most will offer basic assistance. However, we recommend traveling the unpaved roads with another motorcycle and riding buddy.


Q: What if my motorcycle breaks down or has a mechanical failure?

We provide roadside assistance within Alaska and below the Arctic Circle.  We will provide a replacement motorcycle, if one is available. If you wreck the bike we are not obligated to provide you a replacement.  See also the Road Side Assistance FAQ.

Q: Can we take the bikes out of Alaska? Canada?

You can travel into Canada, just let us know in advance. We will provide the proof of insurance cards necessary to cross the border. We do not offer roadside assistance in Canada so you will need to get the motorcycle to the border and we will pick it up from there.

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